So, you need a website?

Starting out in business and looking for a simple, but modern and slick looking site? Want to spend minimal money but come away with something that looks and works great, and that you can scale up later?

Nimble Studio conducts one-on-one sessions to guide people through the process of building and maintaining an amazing-looking WordPress website.

A trainer will sit down with you and help you build your site using WordPress, one of the world’s most popular and adaptable content management systems.

We’ll take you through the process of building your modern, professional looking website. We can even work on your own site (provided you have a domain name and WordPress-compatible hosting up and running before the session – we can help you get it set up).

The session costs $200 for 2.5 hours and is conducted in Brisbane. We cover:

– Installing WordPress in your hosting
– Choosing and customising a theme
– Finding your way around the WordPress dashboard
– The basics of plug-ins – which you’ll need to start with, and why
– Finding and selecting images for your site
– Great free online tools for helping you build slick graphics for your site and social media accounts
– Tips for getting a great logo done for a fraction of the normal cost.

You’ll come away from the session with a handbook outlining what we’ve gone through in your session, including images that guide you through the process again that you can refer back it.

Interested? Get in touch and we’ll get you booked in ASAP.

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